Manufacturers of industrial machinery for manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, and other heavy-duty applications can’t afford a wimpy cable assembly or wire harness.

That’s why they turn to SemahTronix. Our high-voltage cable assemblies, high-density complex ribbon cables, electromechanical subassemblies, and other industrial-strength products are tough enough to handle even the harshest conditions — from temperature extremes and intense vibrations to high voltages and thick layers of dirt and dust. Our precision engineering, manufacturing, and testing processes are governed by a QMS Certification that goes beyond ISO 9001:2008 to include the AS9100C Aerospace Standard.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have a sensitive side. You’ll also find SemahTronix products in advanced robotics and delicate instrumentation that controls important manufacturing processes and measures valuable data — like the effects of impact forces on crash test dummies.


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