Cable Assemblies

Cable Assemblies

At SemahTronix, we design and manufacture custom cable and cable assemblies to meet your demands, taking your project all the way from concept to completion.

We have expertise in a wide variety of cable manufacturing services, including assembly built under a microscope, under a laminar flow hood, Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection, and the handling of large gauge power cables.

Our custom cable assemblies capabilities cover the entire range of connector types. We are able to make custom molded connectors, including the ability to add customer’s logo or part numbers. We can incorporate items such as pc board, plastic optic cable, thermostats, LEDs, etc.

SemahTronix quality, engineering, and production personnel completed extensive training in RF/transmission utilizing network analyzers. As a result of this recent investment in continued training, SemahTronix can now build and match RF cables for phase angle. 

  • Advance Network analyzer test capability includes, but is not limited to, RF/transmission cables from 30 KHz to 6 GHz for both “through put” and “reflective” testing.
  • Due to increasing internal skill levels, we can offer phase matching and tracking of coaxial cable sets. 
  • RF cable matching is a critical measurement in the construction and maintenance of air navigation antenna systems such as antenna clusters and instrument landing systems.
  • The latest RF/transmission cables built by SemahTronix were more than 80 feet in length and matched for phase angle utilizing our network analyzers.

There are few cable houses that are capable of building the magnitude of RF/transmission cables that SemahTronix does!

Capabilities & Characteristics

- Simple or complex
- Laced, ty-Locked, braided, shrink tubing, break out boots or Spiral Wrapped
- Built and tested on back-wired form boards


Cable Assemblies
Cable Assemblies

As we enjoy our daily lives our military, public safety, and medical critical care units are on watch and at ready. At a moment’s notice, the copter on the helipad must start, back- up generators and/or water pumps for fire suppression in major structures must start. On demand or even in neo natal care units which have a precious future back-up generator must start at a moment’s notice in a power outage. You depend on our key attention to detail in the critical communication and power cables we assemble; quality you depend on hand crafted by SemahTronix located in Flippin Arkansas USA.

Wire Harnesses
Wire Harnesses

In daily life activities you depend on unique wire harnesses our tradesmen take much pride in crafting. In the comfort of your home where one depends on refrigeration, heat, and appliances or on the weekend cheering for one of your favorite teams while constantly focusing on the game board or jumbo tron to see a replay or time remaining; even the commute in between those events or to and from work by car, bus, train they all depend on the wire harnesses we hand craft in Flippin Arkansas USA.

Higher Level Assemblies
Higher Level Assemblies

Across the globe we depend on telecommunications for trade-banking, to speak with a friend, or transit through airports that lead us to hours in an air craft. We even rely on telecommunications equipment for advanced imaging and/or life support for friends or a family member that’s in critical care. Even our nation's military stands ready with advance surveillance and missile systems. All contain many higher level assemblies that have been assembled with great care and precision by the tradesman at SemahTronix of Flippin Arkansas USA.


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