Company Profile

SemahTronix's Mission

"We are dedicated to providing the manufacturing capabilities and technical support required of a world-class supplier of cable assemblies and will deliver quality products to achieve total customer satisfaction."

SemahTronix's Vision

"SemahTronix will provide the highest value relationships to our customers, suppliers, and employees, globally."

From application and design engineering through custom inventory solutions, SemahTronix delivers the products you need, when you need them.

We are proud that the manufacturing of all of our cable assemblies, wiring harnesses, and higher level assemblies occur at our production facilities right here in the United States. Everyone is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest levels of service, from our President and CEO right down to our network of independent manufacturer representatives in the field. Our rigorous standards will guarantee the highest product quality for your highly-specialized equipment.

The company that is now Semahtronix was born in Flippin, Arkansas as a division of LaBarge Electronics.

The company was acquired by Avnet, Inc. and became Avnet Cable Technologies (ACT)

A group of private investors purchased ACT and changed the name to Actronix.

All manufacturing was brought to the U.S. Through an innovative partnership with the Arkansas Department of Corrections, Actronix opened a second facility in Newport, Arkansas, on the grounds of the McPherson Women’s Unit.

Actronix Inc installs Wraptors automated label inventory and computer aided positioning equipment on its manufacturing floor.

Actronix reaches consigned inventory milestone of having 40% of its inventory consigned by its suppliers.
Actronix upgrades to JBC Digital Soldering Stations (class (3) – J standard) and certifies all technicians.


Actronix was purchased and renamed SemahTronix. The company is under new management while employees, high quality standards, customer service, and on-time delivery remains the same as acquired over the past 40 years.


SemahTronix, LLC
476 West Industrial Park Road
PO Box 310
Flippin, Arkansas 72634